CIMA CONTRACT makes available to its customers, this maintenance service that allows you to care for and maintain the furniture in perfect condition throughout their useful life.

The furniture image is the hotel image. However, use, defects, breaks all that can make the furniture to wear out, therefore transmi-tting an unhealthy image of the hotel. At Cima we want to offer a personalized maintenance service and furniture supervision. This may you will manage to always keep your furniture perfect on as new. Cima Mantiene  is included in the development of any project through Cima Studio in order to revitalize the product for its second life cycle.

We have qualified personnel for maintenance and restoration of furniture.


The materials that we use in the manufacture of our products are of the highest quality and with a great resistance to outdoor; their selection is focused to minimize the maintenance work by the user.



All pieces of furniture have a warranty of two years against factory defect; the warranty will be applied if the customer meets the basic maintenance requirements that must be given to the furniture on a regular basis such as: general cleaning, application of wood moisturizers, cycles of washing. Special cases that can be understood as a manufacturing defect will be subject to verification of normal use of furniture.

How it works Cima Mantiene?

1. Choose furniture for your project.

2. Request your quote with one of our business & make your purchase.

3. Lapsed two years Cima staff will make a valuation of the furniture.

4. Cima will make a free maintenance repairing the damaged pieces, so they will always look the same as when bought.