Know how, innovation and dedication to service focused on offering our customers furniture of the best quality and design.


With the furniture tradition as its own adn and more than 15 years of existence, at CIMA CONTRACT we are manufacturers of high quality contract furniture for hotels and residences. We have carried out projects for almost all major hotel chains operating in Mexico, taking care of every last detail, from the design phase to the after-sales service, so that our customers’ experience with our furniture is unique. Currently, we not only have a presence in Mexico, but also as a result of our international expansion, we have already developed commercial activities in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

We are a company that is concerned that your project remains and remains perfect, that is why we offer services such as Cima Maintains, Cima Projects and Cima Guarantee. We do not want to be just your provider, we want to be something else.

With our two brands, ZEUIN, furniture of own design and ZAVOTTI, pieces of renowned designers, CIMA CONTRACT goes a step further in offering furniture to its customers. Join us to explore beaches, paradisiacal corners and intense blues where our furniture comes to life.

Our brands

The best design and the best materials for contract furniture of the highest quality.

The materials that we use in the manufacture of our products are of the highest quality and with a great resistance to outdoor; their selection is focused to minimize the maintenance work by the user.


Our clients